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do you wanna know where the dreams come from?

some showed the faith and some showed none.

South Ashfield
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Take your silver spoon and dig your grave

mOtHeR iS tHe nAmE fOr GoD oN tHe LiPs aNd HeArTs oF aLL cHiLdRen...

DISCLAIMER: This is the IC journal for Walter Sullivan of Silent Hill 4:the Room for use in cof_interzone,& chet_thanh_pho.
He's a villainous C, with nasty habits, so please oh please don't bann0rz him, LJ, for having nefarious interests!

MoThEr'S MiLk iS RED tOdAy
O mother dear
I love you so
O please forgive this anger in my soul
Without you I'm alone

It's me who's been eternally damned
Trapped inside this cage, a ruined man
All damaged and depraved

Walter is a baaad man. Not only did he kill himself with a spoon- now that takes determination!- but Walter's got no sense of fashion whatsoever, manifesting wherever in his blood-stained blue raincoat regardless of what the occasion or weather is.

Walter also suffers from split personality, schitzing between his adult self and his child self- I know in the game they made these two actual separate entities, but I just have more fun doing it this way.

Some say the cult possessed him with or caused him to hear the spirit of Valtiel, one of the cult's many angels. Whatever it actually is, he often argues with the voices in his head, and more often than not, they win these little arguments.

At heart though, Walter is a mama's boy- the problem is, the mama he has such love for is the Great Mother of the Silent Hill cult, who can only be raised by blood sacrifice. Whatever happened to just giving out flowers and the occasional phone call?

Be that as it may, Walter enjoys hanging around inanimate for hours in his room, killing people, playing with his guns, making monsters, killing people, and Flav-or-Ice.